Pheasant Farms - Pratt, Kansas

About Us …

Dwight Adams was born and raised on the family farm. After graduating from college and spending 37 years in banking and real estate, he returned to the family farm to pursue a desire he had for many years: to establish a hunting preserve. The preserve was begun in 1996 and has grown each year since.

Dwight also remains actively engaged in the farming operation, handling the 2,000 acre crop farm, as well as having served as a County Commissioner for Pratt County. He is also an active member of the Kansas Sport Hunters’ Association.

Our Hunting Assurance to you:

We strive for all hunters to have the most successful hunt possible. We will gladly customize your hunt to fit the ages and skill levels of your hunters. For the hunter with special needs, we have accommodations to enable most to fully enjoy a hunting experience.

While we do not guarantee that you will hit each bird you shoot at, we do guarantee an authentic style hunt. You are not “shooting fish in a barrel.” You will experience hunting as it is intended to be, requiring plenty of walking and fresh air on your quest for your prey.

If you are not satisfied with your hunt, we will either waive the charge or provide an additional hunt free of charge.

We have entertained hunters from most of the USA, including Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia – essentially most of the states between California and Florida, as well as Alaska.